Leetty, DMD


Leetty, DMD


I love people.  I always have been passionate about dentistry from the first moment and have looked forward ever since.   Since childhood, I always knew that for every smile and for every twinkle in someone's eye there is a story to be told and remembered.  The story just needs to be listened to and cherished. I love dentistry because it draws together a perfect blend of building up those close, and caring personal relationships.  I make it a priority to help people in their journey towards the best oral and physical health. Bringing out the best in everyone's smile of all ages just gives me sheer joy.  Every smile begins from within.

Why Dentistry?

For me dentistry is not about me.  It is about having a passion, vision and purpose to help others while building and preserving trust. Having a purpose and vision stand forefront is imperative because it is what drives one to have a bounce to wake up in the morning full of energy ready for the next adventure. It is what will carry you forward and beyond.

I have been so blessed to have the priviledge of being in a community of like-minded individuals and colleagues that continually strive for excellence in their endeavours that I aspire to because they believe in continually pushing through the envelope for better comprehension and better innovations.

Each one of us is important. We know that this life is about serving a purpose greater than ourselves and our lives. It is about a vision that encourages creativity to bring about action. Our gifts are not about us. Our leadership is not about us. Our lives of significance is about helping others who will need our gifts, our leadership, and our purpose. That is why I chose to practice dentistry.

I was born and raised in a close knit community of Thunder Bay to loving parents that were both health professionals.  My father's dedication to his profession inspired me to health care.  Dentistry was a natural choice as emerged the love of helping people with creativity and artistry.

My undergraduate studies at various universities feed my love for adventure.  I completed my Bachelors degree at UWO.  The having been drawn to the west coast during Expo 1986, I decided and completed my dental training at UBC in 1991.  Following that I did extra training in the General Practice residency program in Vancouver in 1992.

I am a firm believer in continuous professional development through participation in various dental study clubs, courses, programs, symposiums and an active participant in the Kois curriculum at the Kois centre.  I embrace minimally invasive dentistry and embrace current techniques such as the Bioclear method/system.  I take a keen interest in the latest innovations and scientific evidence based findings as it gives a better understanding on how to help people achieve optimal health.

I have been active in organized dentistry serving on different committees (Quality Assurance, Ethics, Discipline) with the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia.  It has been been a privilege to be honoured by my peers for the Award of Merit 2008 and the Distinguished Service Award in March 2018. I have recently become a Fellow of the International College of Dentists in May 2017.  My inspiration comes from you and the many friends, peers, and clients whom aspire to lead amazing lives following their own passion and vision.

A highlight of my professional career was a missions trip to Costa Rica that combined my love of dentistry and the heart for the underprivileged to provide much needed dental care with her colleagues in impoverished areas.

I love being in Edgemont Village as it has a special place in my heart and to practice in Edgemont Village has been a dream fulfilled. I had practiced in North Delta and downtown for over 19 years before coming to the North Shore. Edgemont is a quaint community where everyone greets one another with a smile or "Hello".  It is truly a "jewel" nestled in the mountains with a small town feel in the middle of hustle and bustle of Vancouver.  I hope to continue to be a part of lovely Edgemont Village encouraging people to smile inside out and outside in and keep listening to all the wonderful stories of inspirational journeys that started from one gracious smile.