CAD/CAM Technology in Dentistry - CEREC

For those that want that extra special touch, single visit, in-office all ceramic CEREC restorations are possible with our latest digital acquisition from Dentsply/Sirona’s, the CEREC Primescan AC intra-oral scanner with CEREC Software.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. From the very first step using the Primescan to digitally scan at 1 million 3D points per second smart pixel sensor process to the next processes of digital design, 3D milling and to the final stain and glazing the restoration - true to life restorations imitate - true vitality of teeth. The advantages of CEREC rest in no more temporaries, no messy material impressions, single visit dentistry for ceramic restorations and less post-op sensitivity.


Connectivity of the CEREC software with Sirona Connect allows us to still have a continuous dialogue with our other members of the dental community and industry for all other unique cases. We still love working side by side with our dental laboratories and technicians using this new technology with less carbon footprint to plan, design and create the most natural, functional and aesthetic indirect restorations. Wireless connectivity allows us to communicate with our partners to create all other dental appliances (night guards, retainers, de-programmers) as well. Everything is just a fingertip away.