Summer is here!

We love the smell of fragrant flowers and the succulent taste of local berries and cherries. We get to eat tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers and lettuce from our gardens. We finally get to wear out t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. We get to breathe now without masks! Summer is here and here we let go of our inhibitions.

For many——these last many months have been challenging with or without COVID.  Pressures of life—–health, school, work, relationships and community dynamics have continued forward. All our journeys are diverse and we all share the various emotional ups and downs that life presents to us! Different states of fragility expresses itself in different nuances as in awkwardness, silence, apathy and doubt. Yet, many of you have been just that bright bundle of joy with all smiles knowing that there is a better and brighter tomorrow.  There are three things that we are not able to live without—–hope, faith and love. Hang on to these!

What is hope? Hope is the belief with anticipation of good things to come.

H——–Heart for
P——————-Positivity and

It means not giving up our dreams.
It means persevering in difficult situations.
It means focusing on positive outcomes and not the difficult.

What is faith?
Someone described it as a “long obedience towards the same direction to our objectives”. It does not command attention because it depends on belief. Unshakable belief is to be held as truth. In times of trials, it drives us and our will for further perseverance. It is encouraged by past victories. It requires patience and endurance in a state of humility. Sometimes it requires total surrender in acknowledgment that we are not in control.

The most written and talked about “4 letter” word that gives meaning to gives one’s existence . To be “loved” and to be “love” requires constant commitment of selflessness. Love has not boundaries. Love crosses all barriers. It silences conflicts. It forgives. It is gracious, gentle and kind with mounts of generosity. The envelope of love lifts us up and makes us complete. It give us a sense of belonging and completes us. With love we feel surrounded by encouragement and we feel special. Out of goodness of others it will feed and fill the empty spirit. Love is patient. It always trusts; It always hopes for, and it always perseveres which brings us to full circle to the three most important things in life.
Hope, faith and love again.

As we round out this summer:

Rest, relax, re-energize and rejuvenate that youthful you!
Keep smiling! Keep hanging strong! Be in continual thanksgiving and keep up your confidence! There are so many wonderful blessings out there, just look for them! Guaranteed that they will make you smile more!

May you all have more hope, faith and love in your lives. May it be full of joy!
From our hearts to your, we thank you for letting us be a part of your lives.
We are family here and we are here for you because we care.

We look forward to seeing you all soon at your next visit.

With hugs and love,

Dr. Leetty, Rina, Monica, Renee, and Patricia